I am Shelby. I have many interests – technology and science are my passions. I enjoy jumping head first into new ideas through the ease of owning space on servers, implementing some code, and purchasing a domain. Thanks to wanting to do a thousand things at once,  I run out of time and projects stall out. I don’t ever really give up on an idea though, I just hold on to them until circumstances change.

I graduated with a BSc in Biology at the University of Kentucky in May 2014. Considering grad school options but I’m enjoying work and recuperating from undergrad!

I have spent 4 years working professionally in the IT sector, 1 working in a biology lab/breeding center, 2 as a field sampling technician for an Environmental Resource consulting firm in Lexington, and now I’m back as an IT Computer Support Specialist at the University of Kentucky in the College of Agriculture. Outside of my ‘day’ job I am developing an outdoor expedition company – Bluegrass Expeditions – and many other creative endeavors like the Con Bros, SquidFlicks, and more.

I’ve started (and lost, but never forgotten) many endeavors:

  • Omega Squid Studios
  • SquidFlicks
  • TechSquid (domain squatter, hiatus)
  • King Kraken (domain squatter, hiatus)
  • Fix Fulton (hiatus)
  • Independex (an independent film index, defunct)
  • Film Speak (film makers forum, defunct)
  • Retro Repair (needs development)
  • INK! Selling Solutions (hiatus)
  • High School Confession Board (hiatus)
  • Epic Notes (updating scripts, needs to be relaunched. Born during the 2010 Lexington Startup Weekend)
  • Ken Tenn Network (put on hold as of Dec 2016)
  • Fulton KY News (hiatus)
  • Epic Notes
  • Ken Tenn Classifieds

Biology. Technology. Entertainment. Ginger.