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Mealworms can digest Styrofoam!


An amazing study reveals that the lowly mealworm can digest polystyrene foam, with an estimated natural decomposition time of centuries, in a matter of hours. What a tremendous boon to recycling this discovery could bring!

I have always been an advocate of research focused on natural solutions to pollution problems – nature often has the answers we need, but we put a tremendous stress on the systems so that we cannot see any positive outcomes!

Employed as an Environmental Scientist

Long time, no update – there’s a pretty legit reason for that, other than the normal “life gets in the way” excuse. I’ve had the incredible fortune to be employed by an Environmental Consulting firm here in Lexington.

I am a field sampling technician, collecting surface and ground water from clients (mainly coal mines) in eastern Kentucky. We process samples in the lab back in Lexington to test for mine compliance with Federal and State regulations. It’s really exciting to be working ‘in the field’ and over the past three months I’ve already had my share of adventures (read: Trucks getting stuck, crazy animal situations, strange people).

I’m getting paid to go on hikes and spend almost every day outdoors. Pretty sweet, right? I’ll be sure to document more of my adventures here as time allows. There is certainly no shortage of hours to work in this industry – I average about 55 hours a week so far…

Quit While You’re Ahead

Sometimes, especially when you find a way to beat the house, it’s a good idea to cut your losses and run. If you stick around too long, you invite disaster.

Such is the story of a couple of guys who discovered a gilded bug in a staple casino machine – video poker.