Quit While You’re Ahead

Sometimes, especially when you find a way to beat the house, it’s a good idea to cut your losses and run. If you stick around too long, you invite disaster.

Such is the story of a couple of guys who discovered a gilded bug in a staple casino machine – video poker.


Anti-Social Networks

A powerful message on the decline in face to face interactions as a result of our increasingly self-focused society. Something to think about, especially as we enter this time of the year where connecting and celebrating with family and friends becomes even more important.

As an introvert, I often have to force myself to go above and beyond my comfort zone to spend time with others, but it helps me to stay grounded in a world that seems often times very distant and insensitive. Stay grounded, and don’t rush for the outlet the next time your gadgets land in the ‘redzone’ – embrace it.

Why we live in an anti-tech age

Thought provoking article. It certainly seems to ring true, although I do LOVE tech-apocalypse films and books.

“We live in a financial, capitalistic age, we do not live in a scientific or technological age,” said Thiel. “We live in a period were people generally dislike science and technology. Our culture dislikes it, our government dislikes it.”

Why we live in an anti-tech age | Computerworld.