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SPF 69 Entertainment Launches

The SPF 69 Logo, designed by me!

A new development to 2019 is the formation of an official entertainment company, SPF 69 Entertainment, LLC.

Structuring this way will allow for expansion of more ambitious projects like Horrorhut, with a greater goal of being able to create and acquire IPs for distribution and sale.

I will be moving a lot of Omega Squid Studios content under this new ‘umbrella’ but the goal is and always will be the same regardless of the ‘name’ – If I am involved, it will be fun and entertaining!


Compiled August-September 2017 by Shelby Jones

Convenience, you familiar spectre
So many times I’ve fought you;
I see you’ve claimed another, but you won’t have me
Your cold grasp has already stolen too much

Is that what you showed her?
The grass was the brightest green
Rocks the best for climbing
A shelter from the storm

Oh but that path is lined with danger
I hope she sees the forest for the trees
As a victim of your insidious whims
I know all too well

It will seem perfect at first;
But cracks soon appear
Violence, a storm, draws near,
Devastation and despair

I will be the first to admit
I met her out of convenience
She was the girl I worked with
She was the one I lost

You always strike when we are at our lowest
You always find the weakness and exploit it
We find our strength when we resist you

But fighting isn’t convenient
You aren’t going to change
And that’s why I must
One day, she’ll see that, I trust.

First Outdoor Rock Climb

I completed my first weekend of rock climbing out in the real world, on real rock, with real risk. And didn’t come out of it any worse for the wear.

After 6 months of gym climbing and building up my gear, I made it to the Red River Gorge (Muir Valley to be specific) for some beginner friendly climbing. I was able to finish 3 routes on the first attempt, and powered through another before stalling out on a tough overhanging shelf.

The second day was more of a struggle for me. But I did it! Exhausting but inspiring.

First Spoken Word Poetry Performance

To help out a buddy who was hosting a poetry slam event in Lexington, I decided to jump into writing and performing poetry. After all, it’s been a year filled with pushing my limits and breaking out of comfort zones, so this just seemed like another opportunity to add a fulfilling experience to my life. And it sure was!

I had already been working on a piece called “Citrine”, based on the girl that I essentially fell head over heels for before she absolutely destroyed my heart this spring, but the main theme of the event was Dada-style political poetry, so I needed to come up with something more topical and save the personal poem for open mic time. My solution was another poem, “Agent Orange”. Although shorter than “Citrine”, I was proud of how quickly it came together to provide a powerful punch.

As far as my performance went – I’d say pretty well, considering that this is the first time I have ever recited poetry to a crowd. It’s definitely not my first public speaking gig, but there is a different dynamic when you’re presenting something you’ve created yourself and have never shared with the world. It was a cathartic experience all around and honestly, I think I’m going to write more when the inspiration hits – that way I’m ready for future events!

Agent Orange

Original Piece “Agent Orange” written and performed by Shelby Jones.


Orange but not the lorax
Weak, stupid coward
You have fooled the masses
Sold our future for gasses

Decisions roll like waves
The waters will foul
You know nothing of the havok you have wrought
But my children will

Did your picture book tell you that EPA meant
Annihilate our beautiful state

I’ve never seen a capitalist cower
Behind a nationalist front
But when you are supported by fascists
I’m not sure what you want

I speak for the trees
And the rivers
And the future you have sold
I will live to watch it unfold

Lucky for us you are just one man
The world stops for no one
She will heal her wounds
When we destroy ourselves


I remember the first time I saw her; the girl with the crystal around her neck.
Upturned nose, faint smile, brown eyes behind glass.
NASA shirt, modest mouse, iced coffee to spite the cold
Uncanny, whole, natural beauty & soul

“Good Morning” were your first words to me.
“We’ll See” were your last.
I was too shy to reciprocate.
It took days but I overcame it.

“That crystal on your necklace, what is it?”, I ask
“Citrine”, you told me. “Heat treated amethyst.”

The ambitious plans were made
Unicorn, panda, nicknames stayed
We drank bottles of liquor, watched terrible shows, stories were told;
Time spent with you never grew old

I remember a girl who could fight the world
You’d sit and watch, taking it all in
Nobody ever asked for your voice
But I could always hear it, a call to reason.

You never asked for a hero,
But I saw myself in you;
I tried to share the experience
Of a struggle to find myself and begin anew.

You started to drift away;
“He’s really nice”, you’d say.
“Don’t wait around for me”;
A friend you would never let me be.

Trapped in a past of your own creation
Anchor drawing tight with every strain
The blade I lent you to cut yourself free
Instead was turned against me.

I didn’t realize how little it mattered;
Being upfront and honest
Was the epitome of intensity
But not as painful as your apathy.

It was you who never listened,
You who never cared,
I pushed you to seek more from life, but you prefer simplicity.
I am what you left behind before,
So it is easy to keep running.

I seek the closure that I can never have.
You climbed away and I cannot follow.
And yet you still fight your demons and your past,
the pressure turned that crystal from purple to gold

You are stronger than that citrine you bear
You have been hurt and but the scars will heal
I wanted to be a part of that journey
And now I am left drifting out of your universe

I’ll never apologize for knowing what I want
But I can apologize for thinking you were worth letting in
Good luck with the bed you’ve made
I am sleeping well these days

Now we stand at a distance and we don’t speak;
You’ve hidden your heart behind a new wall, shacked up and weak
I hope for your sake it’s all that you need
Because this lost friendship has haunted me.

I’d like to say this all was a mistake
But we both know that’s not true
What I want can never happen
Until you admit you want it too.

I remember the girl with the crystal around her neck;
She doesn’t remember me.

The citrine glows;
Love is lost, but life still goes.

Steam Winter Sale 2016

I have been very reserved and only bought the games I ABSOLUTELY needed during the sale. I do miss the flash sales, but I also like how whatever discount you see for a game or bundle, that’s the lowest price it will be for the duration of the sale. So it makes it easier to buy in confidence!

Picked up these gems, they’ve been on my wishlist for a while:

  • Convoy (really cool, Mad-Max style rougue-like)
  • Stardew Valley (a spiritual successor to classic Harvest Moon on SNES)
  • The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare (Army Men meets TF2!)
  • The African Kingdoms expansion for Age of Empires II. (Yes, they are still expanding a 17-year-old game. It’s the GOAT though, so shut up)