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SPF 69 Entertainment Launches

The SPF 69 Logo, designed by me!

A new development to 2019 is the formation of an official entertainment company, SPF 69 Entertainment, LLC.

Structuring this way will allow for expansion of more ambitious projects like Horrorhut, with a greater goal of being able to create and acquire IPs for distribution and sale.

I will be moving a lot of Omega Squid Studios content under this new ‘umbrella’ but the goal is and always will be the same regardless of the ‘name’ – If I am involved, it will be fun and entertaining!

Employed as an Environmental Scientist

Long time, no update – there’s a pretty legit reason for that, other than the normal “life gets in the way” excuse. I’ve had the incredible fortune to be employed by an Environmental Consulting firm here in Lexington.

I am a field sampling technician, collecting surface and ground water from clients (mainly coal mines) in eastern Kentucky. We process samples in the lab back in Lexington to test for mine compliance with Federal and State regulations. It’s really exciting to be working ‘in the field’ and over the past three months I’ve already had my share of adventures (read: Trucks getting stuck, crazy animal situations, strange people).

I’m getting paid to go on hikes and spend almost every day outdoors. Pretty sweet, right? I’ll be sure to document more of my adventures here as time allows. There is certainly no shortage of hours to work in this industry – I average about 55 hours a week so far…