Here I will collect my various research projects. Many are from classes I have taken, some are the result of work I do as a hobby, and there is even a couple of more formal projects in development.

I have been involved in actual faculty-led research for about 2 years now. The focus has been on digital field mapping techniques, particularly the use of structure from motion photography to record and build three dimensional models of surfaces.

Focus Areas:

  • Environmental Biology
  • Industrial Pollution models
  • Waterway pollution
  • Structure from motion (SFM)
  • GIS & Photomodeler
  • Topographical change over time (coastal dune erosion)


  • Coal-fired Power Plant Point Source Pollution in KY – Final Project for GIS Course, but I am proud of the work I did.
  • Environments of Australia – Ecosystems and Biodiversity research conducted while studying abroad (observational research)
  • Sapelo Island, GA – Dune Mapping and SFM photography (Faculty mentor – Prof. Jon A Stallins, Dept. of Geography, University of Kentucky)
  • Effects of EtOH and Caffeine on Crayfish Respiration Rates


  • None yet, I’m working on it, ok? 😉

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