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The Destiny Beta was pretty cool

Destiny Beta Ends

I stumbled upon the open Destiny Beta this weekend, and it was a ton of fun (plus the weekend evaporated as a result). Now I am no stranger to the fact that the much anticipated game from Bungie (the creators of Halo) is due out in September, but I didn’t realize that they would open their previously-closed-to-preordering-customer beta for the final two days of the one week testing period.

Color me impressed – I think I know what I want for an early birthday present. I’m not making the leap to next gen though. A copy for the 360 will suffice.

My take on the game? It’s like Fallout, KOTOR, Mass Effect and Fable had a love child with Halo. It’s neat – I really like the different weapons, character classes and loot drops, plus open exploration/random mission farming for experience. I spent 2 hours trying to defeat the ‘Devil Walker’ which is essentially a Halo-era Covenant scarab to no avail because I have horrible luck. I had almost defeated the thing and had the misfortune to fall out of cover and get annihilated by the cannon fire.

It’s moderately challenging, with portions of the levels deemed ‘no respawn areas’, but things are easier with a group of pals.

Count me in – I wish more games would offer open betas or free weekend play to get you interested in purchasing them. I was on the fence about Destiny, but now I have no doubts!