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The “meme,” a term coined by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in 1976, is an extension of Darwin’s Big Idea past the boundaries of genetics. A meme, put simply, is a cultural product that is copied. We humans are enamored of imitation and so become the ultimate “meme machines.” Memes—pieces of culture—copy themselves through history and enjoy a kind of evolution of their own, and they do so riding on the backs of successful genes: ours.



Abraham Lincoln in Escape from L.A.


Found this on tumblr, I’m sure it is as old as dirt but it’s new to me and I LOVE it. Huge Escape fan, still hoping that Snake Plissken gets back on the silver screen soon. John Carpenter has said that it was originally intended to be a trilogy, with Escape from Earth being the finale.

Here’s to hoping, and I will attempt to recreate a $5 bill like this soon!