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A fall without school

After 16 consecutive school years, this fall marks the first time that I haven’t been in ‘school’. It’s a nice feeling.

Instead of attending classes, I get to spend time on campus with the fresh faced kids trying to make a name for themselves and living away from home for the first time. I’m working at my temp IT job, keeping an eye out for my next destination once my time here ends.

I’d have to say that the best things about not having to go to class but still being on campus as a youngin’ are:

  • I have money thanks to a job and the ability to work instead of go to class
  • No more exams. Or notes. Or HORRIBLE labs
  • I can finally park on campus. Since I am allowed to have an Employee parking pass (quite possibly the most valuable asset on campus.)
  • A lot of friends are still around so I can still hang out with ‘college’ kids and it’s not strange. I’M NOT OLD YET! =D

Sadly, I do realize that the proverbial “Best years of your life” are over. I certainly learned a lot about life while completing my undergraduate degree, but I also know there are even greater challenges ahead. It’s nice to at least spend a few more months here on the campus where I’ve lived the past four years.