A little misleading here – not going to publish my street address, but if you are here then chances you already know this much about me – I’m from Kentucky, and I’m currently working/living in Lexington. Just graduated and not too excited to pack my stuff up and move just yet. I’d like to enjoy my life as a ‘free’ adult for the time being 🙂

But you can find me basically EVERYWHERE on the internet. I’ve been here for a long time. Too long. I also spend too much time here, or at least I feel that way.

The internet is this generation’s cigarettes. We all tried it early, and we’ve been hopelessly addicted ever since. Side effects include antisocial behavior, eye strain, and intense bouts of lolcat fever. – Shelby Jones, Millenial

Just look for ‘osquid’ or omega_squid or spj900 or even shelbyjones

 Facebook http://facebook.com/osquid



Google Plus http://google.com/+ShelbyPatrickJones
(google is being stupid and won’t let me claim my name. This isn’t likely to change soon) They righted the wrong! I still think googs is pretty evil though, despite their stupid mantra…#conspiracy


Tumblr – Lots of half-finished ideas and microsites here – http://osquid.tumblr.com

WordPress – Have a mildly popular niche blog on ocean news called Fin Flapper, other than that it’s just an idea/brand incubator – http://wordpress.com/osquid

Blogger – Nothing of real interest here. Used to be the home of early OSS blog that was deleted.





Biology. Technology. Entertainment. Ginger.